In My Time at Gemini Solutions

In my time at Gemini Solutions ..

I ..

Lost Time, Gained Experience.

Weakened Eyesight, Earned Money.              

Lost Aloofness, Made New friends.

Lost Laxity, Gained Accountability.            


Lost Shape, Joined Gym.                            

Lost Recess, Developed Focus.                  

Lost Sweat, Learnt Table Tennis.

Lost Open Source, Learnt Sybase.


Let go of Fervour, Gained A Sense Of Security.      

Made Errors, Learnt Lessons.                                

Became Full Time, Spent Sodexo.

Became a Pro at Multi-Tasking, Since I Learned To Say – “Yes!”


Moved from Reading Stories, to Studying Logs.    

Lost Time To Check My Phone, Gained Battery Life.

Exercised Propriety, Learnt Modesty.                    

Had sleepless nights, got appreciated for hard work


Became submissive, Gained A Sense Of Development Process.      

Got Irked by Traffic, Embraced Gurgaon.                  

Gave up Casual Wear, Got Ridiculed For My Tie.      

Got tired of Poor Jokes, Introduced PJ Penalty Points.


Got Interviewed, Took Interviews.

Adapted to Office Culture, Formed Fun Committee.        

Detested Coffee Machine, Adored the local tea stall .      

Created dependencies, Became Dependable                  

Left Home, Gained A Shelter With Friends.                      



But Above The Fear Of Losing All,

There Was A Thrill Of Gaining Again..

It may take some time, yet I ll achieve my fate..      

Coz Every Time I’ll be Prepared For Learning Yet Again..



Find your passion

Make it shine

Building dreams is in fashion

Raise yourself a toast of wine :)

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